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The Club Joining process includes:

  • An Expression of Interest & Section 21 Declaration

  • A Police Name check

If the checks are clear, an invitation to visit the club may be sent.  After the visit, and subject to our current waitlist and a probationers slot being available, the prospective member will be invited to apply for Membership which includes

  • Two References

  • permission to perform additional Police checks

Once the references and other checks are completed successfully, an induction session will be scheduled with an experienced club member.


A 6-month probation, during which the candidate must

  • Attend the induction session,

  • Pass a skills test

  • Demonstrate competency with .22 and full-bore rifles

  • Pass a safety check


A  Committee Vote

leading to an offer of full membership of the club.

Junior Members (aged between 13 and 17) are welcome to join but must be supervised by a responsible adult, (a relative or guardian)  who is a full member of the club

"Shooting is a safe sport – let’s keep it safe"

All new members serve a probationary period of six months, this costs £50. On satisfactory completion of the probationary period, newly qualified members are required to pay a joining fee of £50 in addition to the remaining balance of the annual fee. Full membership terminates on 31st December, renewal will normally be invited before this date. Full annual membership is £110, for those in full time education annual junior membership is £50. Membership costs may be subject to change


Guidance will be given to beginners, members are expected to reach a standard of proficiency using .22 before being permitted to use the larger calibres.


All the following are free of charge at Epping Forest Pistol Club, targets, the club guns you use during the time you spend shooting at the club, tea and coffee. There are “no hidden charges”.

Please note: The club reserve the right to refuse membership without explanation.

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