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Air Weapons


While we welcome members who only wish to shoot Air Rifle or Air Pistol we are fundamentally a Pistol & Rifle Target Shooting Club.  Therefore if you wish to shoot air weapons only there are certain things you should be aware of.

  1. If you wish to shoot air weapon targets you must supply these yourself. Failing this you are welcome to use any of the Club Targets.

  2. If using one of the pellet catchers you must sweep up any pellets that escaped the catcher.

  3. You must wear ear and eye protection as you may be shooting alongside somebody shooting a firearm.

  4. You will still be required to pass a .22” Rating Set before making the transition to full membership.

  5. All the Club safety procedures and rules also apply to air weapons.

  6. You may at any time use any of the Club guns after completing the tyro.

"Shooting is a safe sport – let’s keep it safe"

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